Fear Free


West Street Veterinary Clinic is proud to be Fear Free certified.

What does Fear Free mean for you and your pets?

Species-specific waiting areas. Dogs and cats will be kept separate to ensure everyone is comfortable while you wait to be called in.

Non-slip, comfortable surfaces. No more slipping and sliding! Your pet will sit on a comfortable surface like a yoga mat or warm, pheromone-infused towel.

Aromatherapy for relaxation. Pheromones and aromatherapy diffusers, along with calming music, keep your pets calm and relaxed.

No immediate eye contact with your pet. Our team will focus on you only, at first. Your pet will feel less stressed not being the center of attention until he’s comfortable in the environment.

We have treats! Our team always has treats on hand to help distract and reward your pets for cooperation.

Dressed to impress. Bright white can increase your pet’s stress. Our team wears lab coats and scrubs in soothing pastel colors.

Distractions to keep your pet calm. During an exam, our team uses toys, treats, and more to keep your pet comfortable.

Our exams are done in the exam room. To keep your pets reassured by your presence, we’ll perform all procedures possible in the room with you.

We go the extra mile. If your pet needs a little extra help to make the car ride or exam less frightening, we can prescribe calming or anti-anxiety medications.

Future visits will be even better. Whatever works best for your pet to reduce fear, we’ll learn from each visit to make the next one even better!

Fear Free Resources:

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Preparing for the Visit

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Keep Calm and Muzzle On

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