We are proud to provide thorough and gentle grooming

We are excited to welcome professional groomer, Rachel Alegre.

Rachel has been grooming for over 12 years. Her training started in Illinois, where she studied under one of the most veteran groomers in the industry. She has a true dedication and passion for her work and has established herself as one of the most sought-after groomers in the area. Rachel has a reputation for individualizing her haircuts based on each dog’s unique personality – and is well known for her adorable round faces and feet. Most importantly, Rachel has proven herself to be as compassionate as she is talented. Rachel lives in Millbury with her husband and their 3 cocker spaniels, Ben, Frankie, and Leia.

Rachel uses only all natural shampoos and conditioners. We can also provide medicated baths with veterinarian prescribed shampoo.

Grooming includes bathing, brush out, breed specific cuts and nail trim

**Prices are starting ranges for your information and are not guaranteed estimates.**
 The final price will depend on multiple factors including the condition of the coat and cooperation of the pet.

Bathing and Brush-Out

Short-coated breed such as Viszlas starting at $55
Double-coated breed such as German Shepherd or Husky Starting at $85

Grooming with Bathing, Brushing, and Cut

Maltese – $65 +
Yorkie – $60 +
Shih Tzu – $70 +
Bichon – $70 +
Cocker Spaniel – $75 +
Mini Poodle – $70 +
Mini Schnauzer- $70 +
Wheaten Terrier – $75+
Golden Retriever- $85-95+
Mini-Goldendoodle $75+
Standard Goldendoodle $105 – $130 +
Labradoodles – same as Goldendoodles
Standard Poodle – $95-130+
Newfoundland/Bernese Mountain Dog $125-150+

Tooth Brushing $10

Please note we do not express anal glands or pluck ear hair during grooming appointments. Healthy dogs with no underlying conditions do not generally need either of these services and they can cause more harm than good.

If you feel your pet needs these services please let us know and we can make an appointment with the technician or veterinarian.

Compassionate and professional veterinary care in Medfield, MA!


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